2 Ways Your Sleep Apnea Could Get Worse This Summer [BLOG]

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Have you been struggling to enjoy the warm weather this month because you’re feeling more tired and sluggish than usual?

As the summer officially begins, you’ll want to feel rested and refreshed so you can enjoy time with your family and stay productive at work.

That’s why it’s important to explore the reason for your fatigue at Rod Eccles, DDS.

In our Plainfield, IN dental office, you can find out if you’re being impacted by sleep apnea and also get the rest and relief you need.

Summer Can Make Sleep Apnea Worse

Summer is an especially difficult time for sleep apnea sufferers, and today, we’re giving you two reasons why!

Reason #1 – Summer can aggravate your seasonal allergies.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, then you already know that being outside more during the warmer months of the year can cause them to flare up. Any nasal congestion or inflammation will only serve to make breathing more difficult.

This is true throughout the day, and also during the night.

Since sleep apnea is a condition that occurs when your airway becomes blocked while you’re sleeping, any additional inflammation in your nasal passages will only make it harder to breathe.

That’s why it’s really important to get treatment for sleep apnea, especially during the summer time when your allergies are already causing you problems.

Reason #2 – Your loud snoring can make sleep tough for your traveling companions.

One of the most common signs of sleep apnea is loud, chronic snoring every night. Maybe your family tolerates it or is used to it, but summer travel plans can be problematic if you’re all staying in one hotel room. That’s a little more disruptive than everyone in your house being spread out in different rooms on different floors.

It’s also a problem if you have long flights where you might be sleeping in tight quarters with other people.

This is a great time, then, to get an oral appliance from Dr. Eccles. He can custom-make a mouthguard you wear at night to keep your airways open and stop you from snoring.

Schedule A Sleep Test Today!

Any problems you’ve been having with loud snoring or restless sleep will likely only become worse during the warm summer months.

That’s if you have undiagnosed sleep apnea.

It’s important to protect your health by finding out for sure if you have this dangerous sleep disorder. Dr. Eccles can help you. If a sleep test determines you do have trouble breathing at night, he and our team can help you find solutions that work so you can get the sleep you need for an healthy, enjoyable summer.

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