At Rod Eccles, DDS in Plainfield, IN, you can easily, safely, and affordably love the way you look!

That’s because of our widely-regarded teeth whitening treatments, ZOOM! Day White and Opalescence GO.

Choose the one that works for you and enjoy a summer filled with confidence thanks to your bright, head-turning smile!

3 Excuses To Whiten Your Teeth This Summer!

You don’t really need an excuse to look and feel your best, but just in case, here are three perfect excuses to get teeth whitening treatment at Rod Eccles, DDS this summer!

*To Hide Your Age*

We’d be willing to bet that any person you ask would say they’d give anything to look young again if they could.

It doesn’t matter how gracefully you age or how fully you embrace getting older. The fact is we’d all love to stop the clock on our appearance, or put it in reverse!

That’s what professional teeth whitening can do. It takes years for your teeth to become dark and stained, no matter how many cups of coffee you drank during those all-nighters you pulled in college.

Looking younger with an untarnished, sparkling white smile is the perfect reason to get teeth whitening treatment at Rod Eccles, DDS this summer!

*To Hide The Stains*

Get teeth whitening for the most obvious reason – to hide your teeth stains!

Nearly everyone is susceptible to stains that can stick on your teeth if given enough time. Years of dark pigments in food and drinks, prescription medications, poor oral hygiene, or simply age make a dingy smile almost inevitable.

Store-brand whitening kits won’t be enough to hide them, either. Some stains are just too dark and too stubborn to be removed from the weak bleaching agents in consumer brands.

The only way to get the results you want is with professional-strength whitening systems only your dentist can provide.

*To STOP Hiding Your Smile*

It’s impossible to feel confident when you’re just certain everyone is distracted by your dark teeth stains. Whether they really are, or it’s just in your head, the point is that the insecurity will affect your behavior and make you hide your smile as much as possible.

Knowing your teeth are sparkling white, however, will have you stepping out to join the crowd and enjoy yourself for once! Another great excuse, right?

*Whiten Your Teeth In Plainfield, IN*

It’s never been easier to whiten your teeth in Plainfield, IN!

All you need to do is come in for one of your routine dental cleanings and exams!

Before you get cosmetic dentistry of any kind, we like to make sure your mouth is clean and healthy.

Once we’ve determined that it is, you can choose between our two take-home whitening systems, both of which are highly-effective, powerful systems that will render better results you could ever find in stores.

Not only do they work, but they’re safe, affordable, and convenient. After all, teeth whitening should never be a hassle. With our easy take-home options, you can be comfortable in your home doing the treatment on your own time.

Call Today For Treatment!

As we said before, you don’t really need a special excuse to have a beautiful smile that makes you look and feel better.

But we’ve given you three great excuses to get teeth whitening this summer in case you needed a little extra push!

To schedule your treatment, call our Plainfield, IN dental office today at 317-682-0884 or fill out our easy online form.