Replace Missing Teeth With Dentures in Plainfield

People have been looking for better teeth replacement for as long as humans have been losing teeth. In modern restorative dentistry, tooth replacements are better than they have ever been. With dentures in Plainfield you could:

  • Revive your smile
  • Look younger
  • Improve your oral health
  • Boost your self-confidence

Rod Eccles, DDS has dedicated his decades-long career to helping patients restore and maintain their oral health. To rebuild your smile, call 317-682-0884 to schedule an appointment or free consultation at our office. Simply mention our free consultation offer when you contact us.

Choose the Right Replacement Teeth for You

Our modern dentures are lifelike, strong, and durable. They can look and feel as good as healthy natural teeth. You can get the right replacements to fit your needs with our variety of options:

  • Partial Dentures – These dentures are a good way to fill empty space in your smile when you are missing multiple teeth. You’ll appreciate our CEREC digital impressions, which are more precise and won’t gag you like impression trays.
  • Traditional Dentures – These removable replacement teeth are useful to replace a full arch of teeth. These can be made for top and bottom teeth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures – This is as close to new teeth as you can get. Implants replace the roots of your missing teeth, and they make your dentures strong, secure, and stable without the need for adhesives.

Dentures are an important part of our full-mouth reconstruction services. In some cases, we may recommend a tooth extraction, which could remove problematic teeth to allow you to get better replacements for your long-term oral health. If your dentures need to be repaired, we work with a local lab to get them back to you quickly. Many times patients who bring in dentures in the morning can pick up their repaired set that afternoon.

Dentures alone can revive the appearance of your smile and bring back some of your biting power. If you attach your teeth replacements to dental implants placed by an oral surgeon, however, you can feel confident about eating the foods that you love once again. Our team wants you to have a great smile, the ability to speak naturally, and the confidence to eat any food you want.

The first step in getting your dentures in Plainfield is setting up a free consultation with Dr. Eccles. Call 317-682-0884 or schedule online to recreate your complete smile.