Restorative Dentistry Renew Your Smile & Confidence

Restorative Dentistry in Plainfield, IN

Nothing ages your smile like dental damage! Yet there’s no need to resign yourself to looking older if you have damaged or missing teeth. Rod Eccles, DDS can turn back the clock on your pearly whites. He is a restorative dentist in Plainfield who can:

  • Fill gaps left by missing teeth so you are comfortable showing your smile to others
  • Make it easy for you to enjoy your favorite foods again, no matter how much chewing power is needed
  • Keep your dental damage from worsening so you won’t need even more extensive repairs
  • Offer you multiple options for solving problems like missing teeth

Dr. Eccles will revive your confidence and give you your powerful bite back. We work with a top-quality local lab to create your custom restorations, so you won’t have to wait weeks for your new smile! The lab can also provide same-day repairs for your dentures or other restorations.

Even taking impressions is an easy process with our state-of-the-art CEREC machine, which will take flawless digital impressions for us to send to the lab. And you’ll stay comfortable no matter which treatment you receive with The Wand® sting-free anesthesia.

Dr. Eccles can help determine which dental restorations will work best for your smile during a *free consultation. Call 317-682-0884 today to schedule one. Second opinions are free too! Mention these special offers when you contact us. Be sure to ask about saving 10 percent on your treatment when you join our Smile Care Club.

Enjoy Superior Performance With Dental Implants

Compared to other restorative options, dental implants feel, function, and look more like your natural teeth. After your dental implants have been placed by an oral surgeon, Dr. Eccles can attach one of several restoration options to fill your smile gaps. You can choose:

  • Dental Crowns – For filling a gap left by one tooth, Dr. Eccles attaches a dental crown to a single implant.
  • Implant-Supported Bridges – Dr. Eccles must drill into nearby teeth to prepare them to support a conventional dental bridge. If he anchors your bridge to implants instead, your surrounding teeth will be untouched.
  • Implant-Secured Dentures – When attached to implants, dentures will stay firmly in place with no adhesive needed.

If you’d rather not receive implants, you can also replace teeth with:

  • Traditional bridges
  • A variety of traditional dentures, including partials, that do not use dental implants

Choose the Right Restoration For Your Smile

A dental crown can restore a dental implant or completely cap a natural tooth for increased strength and protection. For this reason, they work well to mend cracks, breaks, and similar damage. If you have multiple adjacent teeth that are missing or severely damaged, dental bridges can replace them.

Depending on the restorative problem you are trying to solve, you may instead need:

  • Tooth Fillings – If we find a cavity during your routine dental exam, we can give you a tooth filling to stop the problem while it’s still small. Dr. Eccles will recommend different materials based on your situation, including discreet tooth-colored composite.
  • Inlays or Onlays – We offer partial dental crowns, called inlays and onlays, that partially cover the biting surface and/or sides of your tooth instead of completely capping them.
  • Dental Veneers – While dental veneers are typically used for cosmetic dentistry purposes, they can also help strengthen your teeth.

Get your confident smile and pain-free bite back with treatment from your restorative dentist in Plainfield. Call us at 317-682-0884 today or schedule online.

Common Questions About Restorative Dentistry

What is restorative dentistry?

If you break a tooth or suffer dental damage like a cavity, you’ll need restorative dentistry to get your teeth back into shape. Using restorations like fillings and crowns, Dr. Eccles will restore the healthy appearance and natural function of your teeth. Restorative treatments also include teeth replacement with solutions such as dental implants, bridges, and dentures.

How much does restorative dentistry cost?

The cost of restorative procedures varies, depending on the type of damage you need to fix and the solutions used for repair. We’re happy to work with you to keep your costs as affordable as possible. During a free consultation, Dr. Eccles can present all of your options, including an estimate of the costs.

What is aesthetic restorative dentistry?

In most cases, restorative dentistry is focused primarily on restoring the function of your teeth – though it will improve your smile’s appearance too by fixing unsightly damage like breaks or replacing missing teeth. Aesthetic restorative dentistry more closely addresses cosmetic issues. For example, a crown can be used to cover a misshapen or stained tooth.

What does restorative dentistry include?

Restorative dentistry services are designed to repair and replace damaged and missing teeth. We offer several types of restorative dentistry, including tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns, bridges, dentures, dental implants, inlays, and onlays. In many cases, your dentist at Rod Eccles, DDS will combine two or more of these treatments to repair a patient’s smile.

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