Teeth Whitening

Get Professional Whitening Today
  • Expect great results with custom-made trays
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  • Improve your confidence with a whiter smile

Teeth Whitening in Plainfield, IN

If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, stop wasting money on over-the-counter options. Rod Eccles, DDS provides teeth whitening in Plainfield that will dramatically brighten your smile.

Our professional teeth whitening will:

  • Remove staining so your teeth look brighter
  • Allow you to whiten in the comfort of your own home
  • Provide whiter results than can be achieved with consumer products
  • Enhance your confidence by giving you a smile you know looks good

We provide multiple dental whitening options so you can improve your pearly whites in the way that suits you best. Call 317-682-0884 today for a *free consultation. Mention our special offer for a consultation when you contact us.

Achieve Brighter Results With Professional Teeth Whitening

At Rod Eccles, DDS, we offer take-home teeth whitening treatments that are quick, safe, and affordable. Our patients love the convenience! We provide two of the most trusted options in cosmetic dentistry:

  • Opalescence Go
  • Opalescence custom trays

Before we whiten your teeth, you’ll come into the office for a regular dental cleaning and exam. Dr. Eccles will make sure your teeth and gums are free of disease to limit discomfort from the highly concentrated bleaching agent. We will give you thorough instructions before you leave our office so you will see striking results. Regardless of the take-home whitening option you choose, your smile will be noticeably brighter in no time!

These products outperform those in a store because they are formulated with a higher concentration of whitening ingredients. To be sold without a prescription, the bleaching agents in over-the-counter kits have to be significantly weakened. In addition to having a stronger formulation, professional teeth whitening is also:

  • Safer – If you choose, we can provide you with custom trays that protect the soft tissue of your gums from the powerful whitening agents.
  • Easier to Use – Unlike messy strips from a drugstore, you’ll be able to easily and completely cover your teeth using whitening trays.

If you’re ready to get the bright smile you’ve always wanted, call us at 317-682-0884 for teeth whitening in Plainfield. Or you can schedule online.

Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

Why is teeth whitening not working?

There are many reasons whitening may not work. If you’re using a drugstore product, your smile simply won’t get as bright as it can with professional whitening. The products we use contain more bleaching power than those off-the-shelf products. In some cases, discoloration is due to thin tooth enamel or reasons other than stains. If that’s the case, you may want to consider tooth bonding or veneers to cover the problem.

Will teeth whitening hurt cavities?

Yes, a decayed tooth can make your teeth more sensitive to the professional-strength concentration of our whitening products. We want to keep your whitening treatments as comfortable as possible. We’ll check your teeth for signs of decay or other problems before your treatment so we can repair it beforehand and ensure excellent results.

Can teeth whitening make gums bleed?

With professional whitening, we can make custom whitening trays for you using impressions of your teeth. Unlike messy strips or one-size-fits-all trays, they make it easier to completely cover teeth with whitening gel while avoiding your gums. So your gums are less likely to become irritated by the whitening treatment.

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