Do I Need To See My Dentist For Dry Mouth Treatment? [QUIZ]

We love seeing our patients for routine dental cleanings and exams because it gives us a chance to honor our commitment to protecting your smile from oral health threats like tooth decay and cavities. But did you know your body already has a built-in cavity fighter? It’s your own saliva, and it helps shield your teeth and gums from harmful ...

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Smiling Before & After Porcelain Veneers [PHOTO]

Smiling doesn’t come easily to those who feel embarrassed about their teeth. But stains, chips, cracks, gaps, and other dental imperfections don’t have to keep you hiding from cameras or social events anymore! You can visit your Plainfield dentist to get porcelain veneers! Here’s a before and after look at one of our successful veneers cases ...

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Pack Teeth-Friendly Lunches For A Healthy School Year [INFOGRAPHIC]

Our team at Rod Eccles, DDS wants your kids to have a happy, healthy school year! That’s why we’re sharing today’s infographic that shows you what a teeth-friendly lunch looks like! Eating nutritious foods and drinks will help your family build strong teeth and bones and keep their smiles healthy. So will visiting your Plainfield family ...

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Why Dental Implants Are Worth Celebrating! [BLOG]

Even if you still have all your teeth right now, none of us have the luxury of a guarantee that we'll never lose a tooth at some point. It could be an accident or injury, poor dental health, or any number of reasons. The point is, it never hurts to be aware of the latest solutions that are available should you ever need to replace one or more teeth. Your ...

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Don’t Get Trapped By TMJ Pain! [BLOG]

Have you been fighting the pain and misery of frequent headaches or migraines lately without any clear understanding of the cause? Your Plainfield dentist at Rod Eccles, DDS can help! Today, we’re talking about temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, disorder, a misalignment of the hinges just below your ears that allow you to open and close your mouth and ...

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Would Cosmetic Dental Treatment Improve My Life? [QUIZ]

This month, we celebrate our country’s independence. But there’s another freedom you could be celebrating, and it’s the kind that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable enough to be yourself in any situation. Getting cosmetic dental treatment for a more beautiful smile can make a world of difference in your confidence and how you carry ...

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How’s Your Sleep Quality This Summer? [QUIZ]

Loud snoring, daily fatigue, and trouble concentrating can all have a big impact on your health and your quality of life. As you welcome a new summer season, our team at Rod Eccles, DDS wants to help you get to the bottom of your symptoms by offering today’s quiz. Answer the questions to see if it’s time to check your sleep quality, and possibly ...

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Tips To Help Your Kids Avoid Tooth Decay! [BLOG]

Food and drinks leave behind tiny particles that bacteria in your mouth love to feast on, which begins a process that threatens to break down your tooth enamel. When bacteria feeds on those particles, plaque acids are generated that stick to your teeth and eat away at your enamel. That’s how tooth decay begins, and if given enough time, it creates a ...

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Keep Cool During These Summer Dental Emergencies [BLOG]

While dental emergencies occur during all seasons for many reasons, these types of problems can be pretty common during times of year when we’re more active, our routines are off, and we’re trying to beat the heat at the same time. So here are some typical dental emergencies and how you can keep your cool with help from our team at Rod Eccles, DDS in ...

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Should I Whiten My Teeth At The Dentist? [QUIZ]

Would you like to enhance your smile, look years younger, and feel more confident all at once? Then get to your Plainfield, IN dentist office for teeth whitening treatment just in time for summer! Take a minute to answer the questions on today’s quiz. It will give us a better idea if this cosmetic smile booster is right for you! Get a bright, ...

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