You likely didn’t realize it, but February 9 was National Toothache Day. Chances are, dental discomfort isn’t something you want to celebrate. Neither do we. But we do want to remind you of the ways we can stop a toothache in its tracks. 

The important thing is to seek help as quickly as possible. The sooner we can treat the source of your toothache, the better. Without prompt attention, the damage can worsen and cause even more pain and problems. We do our best to offer you a same-day appointment. Call us at 317-682-0884

In the meantime, see some ways we can treat your toothache. Your dentist can:

  • Fix a Cavity – Cavities are a common problem, and they can certainly cause tooth pain. The good news is, we can repair many cavities with a filling. We offer two types of fillings: tooth-colored composite or metal (amalgam). We typically recommend the more durable amalgam for back teeth or molars, since those teeth are under more pressure than those in the front of your mouth. Composite blends easily into your smile, so it’s a great choice for teeth that show. 
  • Mend a Crack or Break – If you have a large cavity or a cracked or broken tooth, your dentist may fix the damage using a dental crown. Since a crown completely covers your tooth, it’s a great solution for these issues. See us ASAP if you injure a tooth in this way. If not repaired promptly, bacteria can get inside your tooth through these openings and cause an infection. 
  • Remove a Troublesome Tooth – If the damage is too extensive for a filling or crown, we may recommend an extraction. We’ll numb your mouth completely, using a computer-assisted system that takes the sting out of receiving local anesthesia. With anesthesia and your dentist’s gentle touch, you shouldn’t feel a thing. 
  • End Your Teeth Grinding – If you grind your teeth in your sleep, chances are you suffer from jaw pain that can feel a lot like a toothache. Your dentist can fit you for a custom-made mouthguard you’ll wear at night. It protects your teeth from grinding and relieves painful pressure on your jaw. It also prevents grinding-related damage like chips and cracks.

Need to stop a toothache? Call Rod Eccles, DDS today at 317-682-0884 for an appointment in Plainfield, IN or schedule conveniently online.