We never want cost to keep you from getting dental care. Yet we understand it can be a concern, especially if you don’t have insurance. At our office, you can join our Membership Club in order to get the care your smile needs. 

For more information on the club, call Rod Eccles, DDS at 317-682-0884. In the meantime, check out some of the advantages of membership:

  • Takes the Hassle Out of Payment – With insurance, you have to worry about hassles like denials of claims, waiting periods, and benefit limits. In contrast, the Membership Club couldn’t be simpler. You’ll pay a lifetime activation fee (that also covers your first month of membership). From then on out, you simply make low monthly payments. They cover the cost of your exams (including X-rays) and cleanings. You’ll receive discounts on our other services too. One free emergency exam a year (if needed) is also included.
  • Covers the Cost of Exams and Cleanings – One advantage of insurance is that it typically covers the cost of your dental cleanings and exams. If you lack insurance, it may be tempting to skip this routine care. However, that makes you more vulnerable to gum disease and cavities. The longer problems like cavities go undetected, the more complicated and costly it becomes to fix them. Since your membership covers these services, there’s no reason to put them off. 
  • Helps You Make the Best Decisions for Your Smile – We don’t want you to put off treatment or choose one type of service instead of another simply because of what your insurance will cover. Yet this happens all too often. Since all services are discounted with our Membership Club, hopefully you and Dr. Eccles can make decisions based on what is right for your smile – without the undue influence of insurance. 
  • You’ll Save on Services Insurance Won’t Cover – Many services, notably cosmetic treatments, are not covered by most insurance plans. With our club, you’ll pay a discounted rate for those treatments.
  • There Are Monthly Plans for All – We want everyone to be able to benefit from our membership. So we offer monthly plans for adults, children (12 and younger), and patients receiving periodontal maintenance. All include exams and cleanings, plus discounts on other services. Periodontal patients receive more cleanings, and the child plan includes a fluoride treatment. 

To schedule a free consultation with Rod Eccles, DDS, call us today at 317-682-0884 or schedule conveniently online. You may also want to join our Membership Club!