It’s almost Halloween. It’s time for the annual dilemma of how to deal with an overabundance of candy. As you know, it’s not great for your family’s teeth. Still, there are plenty of ways to minimize the impact on their oral health. Check out our smart ways to handle Halloween candy.

No matter how much – or how little – candy you consume, it’s important to keep up with daily brushing and flossing. See us every six months for an exam and cleaning. And you may want to consider preventive treatments like fluoride and sealants for young kids or cavity-prone members of your household. 

In the meantime, you can:

  • Choose Chocolate and Skip Sticky Treats – Different candies pose a different level of risk to teeth. Whenever possible, choose chocolate. It melts fast and rinses away, so it’s less likely to damage teeth. Pass up sticky treats like gummies and taffy. Since they cling to your teeth, they can be tough to remove. This makes them more likely to cause cavities and other problems. 
  • Keep Treats Out of Sight – Out of sight may not mean completely out of mind. But it does mean you’ll be less likely to over indulge. Put candy out of sight – and out of reach, where your kids can’t easily get to it. Retrieve a few pieces at designated times, maybe after dinner or as an after-school snack. 
  • Trade Candy for Other Stuff – If your child is saving up for an Xbox, agree to buy their Halloween candy (especially the sticky stuff). Or trade candy for experiences, like a trip to the movies or a pizza party with friends. 
  • Put It in the Deep Freeze – Stow unopened candy in an airtight container and put it in the freezer. Then thaw it out later in small batches when you want to treat your family. Thaw frozen chocolate in the refrigerator. If you do it at room temperature, condensation will form that can affect how it looks and tastes. Candy should keep for months in your freezer. 
  • Make Crafts With It – If your kids are crafty, they might like using some of their treats to make stuff. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest and elsewhere. For example, you can make a suncatcher with candies like Jolly Ranchers and LifeSavers. 

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