As hard as we try to avoid a dental emergency, they can happen when we least expect it. A chipped tooth, lost filling, or infected tooth causes dental discomfort and can lead to more serious problems if left untreated. Fortunately, the most common dental emergencies are easily avoidable. That’s why we wanted to share a few simple ways you can prevent them. It will keep your smile healthy and strong, so you end the year with the best oral health possible.

  1. Brush Often

Meticulous brushing seems tedious when you’re in a rush. However, taking the extra time to thoroughly brush your teeth twice per day makes all the difference. Use the correct technique of doing gentle circular motions with the brush angled towards your gums. Doing so can reduce plaque and tartar buildup. As a result, you avoid cavities or gum disease, which can lead you to rush to the dentist for help.

  1. Floss Every Night

Make sure you floss every night before bed, but before you brush your teeth. This gets rid of the bacteria and food particles hiding between teeth that your toothbrush simply can’t reach. Neglecting to floss causes gum inflammation and other problems later down the road. Take a couple of minutes to floss carefully—your gums will thank you!

  1. Get a Regular Dental Checkup

Regardless of how superb your at-home regimen is, seeing us every six months gives us the chance to spot concerns in advance. Small cavities and early stages of periodontal disease are far easier to treat. Waiting for dental pain to indicate you need an appointment can lead to far worse troubles for your smile. Our professional cleanings also eliminate hardened tartar for better oral hygiene.

  1. Use a Bite Guard

If you grind your teeth at night, we can create a custom bite guard that protects your teeth. It’s important to wear to avoid dental damage and costly repairs. You simply put it on before bed and wear it while you sleep. Using a custom bite guard reduces the odds of chips and cracks in your teeth. Best of all, it’s customized to fit you perfectly, so it’s easier to wear and lasts longer.

  1. Eat & Drink Smartly

Fuel your body with vitamin and nutrient-rich whole foods instead of sugary or acidic junk foods. It will lower risk for tooth decay and other dental problems. Plus, stay hydrated with plenty of water. Doing so keeps saliva flowing and washes bacteria away.

  1. Take Prompt Action When Needed

If you end up with a fractured tooth, lost crown, infection pain, or other abrupt dental issue, taking fast action boosts to save your smile. We can see you the same day whenever possible, so you can get fast relief. Most of all, don’t wait “to see if it gets better.” Get an emergency appointment ASAP to prevent a little issue from exploding into a bigger issue.

All of these tips will help you avoid a dental emergency. Remember, a little effort goes a long way when your bright, intact smile is on the line! To schedule a free consultation with Rod Eccles, DDS, call us today at 317-682-0884 or schedule online.