If you work from home, you know that certain routines help you get in work mode. Maybe you start the day with a workout and shower, eat a healthy breakfast, and take walking breaks to clear your mind or change your scenery. Maybe you just roll out of bed, turn on the coffeemaker, and throw on some lounge clothes. Maybe you’re so comfortable working from home you’ve stopped brushing your teeth in the morning or just do a super quick brush to get on with the day.

Look, we get it. No one’s around to smell your breath, and they can’t see your teeth as well via video. But this is a sure-fire way to increase your risk of cavities and gingivitis.

Most people get cavities because they aren’t as diligent with their brushing and flossing as they should be. But you don’t have to get cavities. Brush your teeth thoroughly, floss, and see us for your routine dental cleanings. We can get all the plaque and tartar off your teeth and prevent cavities, gum disease, and more. Our thorough exams will make sure we catch any developing problems to nip them in the bud when they’re easiest, quickest, and least expensive to treat.

No matter your situation, we’re happy to see you for a safe, comfortable cleaning. To schedule your next visit with Rod Eccles, DDS and reduce your risk of cavities, call our Plainfield office at 317-682-0884 now, or schedule online.