Our team at Rod Eccles, DDS has been serving the families of Plainfield, IN since 1986.

We’re proud of that!

We’ve worked hard to earn our patients’ trust because we know that going to the dentist isn’t the easiest thing to do for a lot of people.

It’s also important to feel comfortable with your dentist and their staff knowing the oral health of the people you love most will be in their hands.

But being a caring, high-quality dental practice isn’t our only aim.

We also want to invest in the kind of advanced technology that will make your experience with us more comfortable, convenient, and positive.

As promised in our patient newsletter earlier this month, we’re sharing more exciting news today about one of our latest tools to enhance your dental care.

Today’s blog is all about are use of CEREC imaging and how you’re the one who will ultimately benefit from this state-of-the-art digital technology!

The Problem With Outdated Dental Impressions

Certain dental treatments require a 3D model of your entire mouth. That means every little nook and cranny.

For many years, we’d have to use a mouth tray, one that was mass-produced to fit anyone. The tray is filled with a soft, sticky material that you’d have to keep in your mouth until it dried into a solid mold of your oral cavity.

But there were some problems with this outdated method:

*They’re Messy*

Dentists used to have to rely on that sticky, gooey substance to create a dental impression.

They’d fill up a tray with the messy goop, and then you’d have to sit there, biting on it with drool running down your chin waiting for it to dry.

It was a messy process that took longer than dentists and patients alike didn’t much care for!

*They’re Not As Precise*

Dental impressions using the molding method worked really well for a very long time.

It was just an unpleasant step you had to walk over to get your restoration made.

And it got the job done.

But it did, however, leave room for error, which could lead to either another appointment to correct whatever went wrong with your impression, or worse, a dental crown that didn’t fit perfectly.

The good news is that nothing matches the accuracy and precision of CEREC software!

The imaging we get with this technology means the margin of error is all but dwindled to nothing. Sure, technology isn’t completely fail-proof 100% of the time, but it’s pretty darn close! And that translates to better, more convenient care for our patients.

*They’re Uncomfortable*

If you’ve ever had to have an impression made of your mouth, you know it’s not painful. But that doesn’t mean it’s at all pleasant!

All that goopy, sticky substance fills every crevice of your mouth, spreading as far into the oral cavity as it can.

While this doesn’t hurt, it’s very uncomfortable, especially for anyone who has a sensitive gag reflex or who struggles with seasonal allergies or nasal inflammation that makes breathing much more difficult.

CEREC digital impressions take all that discomfort completely out of the experience!

*They’re A Hassle*

The mold created with a dental impression takes up space. Why not just throw it out once we’ve used it to craft your restoration, you might wonder?

Because if we didn’t save it, we’d have to make you come in for another appointment to get yet another impression should you need dental work down the road that required a 3D mold.

We’d rather use our office space for larger, cozier chairs and more advanced technology, not a bunch of dental impressions we may or may not need one day.

Digital impressions are conveniently stored on a computer, allowing us to use the space in our Plainfield office in ways that actually add to your comfort!

CEREC Digital Impressions Are Better!

Rather than put patients through the messy, goopy dental impressions as in days of old, we’ve gone digital!

In general, a dental impression is needed to begin the construction of a restoration, whether you need a cavity filled or a weak, damaged tooth strengthened and restored with a dental crown.

The problems we talked about earlier with the physical impressions dentists used to rely on have all been eliminated with CEREC technology.

Using this state-of-the-art software, we can get clearer images of your tooth after it’s been treated and prepared. CEREC software allows us to get a more complete, more detailed impression so your dental restoration will fit you more comfortably and securely.

With the precision that CEREC allows us during the planning stages, we’re able to cut your time in the dental chair because we know going in to your restoration placement that it will fit you perfectly.

All the images captured with an intraoral camera is stored in our computer and analyzed by the CEREC software faster and more precisely than ever before!

The bottom line is that our advanced digital imaging means you get a better, more comfortable experience in our Plainfield, IN dental office!

Discover Digital Dental Care!

Dr. Eccles and our team are fully invested in giving you the best that modern technology allows.

That’s why we’re proud to provide you with a more comfortable impressions process, more precision, and overall better dental care.

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