If you’re like most people, you’ve been warned about how sweets can damage your teeth. You’ve been told about the dangers of too much sugar from the time you were a kid. But how often do you hear about foods and drinks that protect your teeth?

Rather than talk about all the yummy treats you can’t have, today we’re sharing things you can start including in your diet for stronger, healthier teeth and gums! No restrictions here. Just a short list of quiet indulgences.

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Fruits And Veggies With Fiber

We know about the benefits of fiber to your digestive health, but it also helps your smile. That’s because fiber helps stimulate the salivary glands.

Saliva counteracts the acids created when plaque bacteria feeds off of sugar. It’s also your body’s natural mouthwash, helping to clear away food particles after you eat.

So fibrous fruits and vegetables can help saliva production along and protect your teeth and gums in the process. Make a spread that includes carrots and broccoli. Throw some beans and spinach in a food processor to create a dip for the veggies. And include raspberries and apple slices on your next fruit tray.

Green and Black Tea

Sipping on green or black tea is good for your overall health, as you probably know. But both of them offer benefits to your smile, in particular.

The chemicals from green and black tea work in much the same way as your saliva. They inhibit the dark work of the acids from plaque bacteria, and they reduce your risk of gum disease, according to recent studies.

As you might imagine, it would be counterproductive to doctor up your cup of tea with lemon, cream, and other additives that can harm your teeth. So it’s best to drink it plain. Also, you’ll want to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water to protect your teeth from the stains that tea can leave behind.

More Cheese, Please!

Sticky foods, such as peanut butter, that linger in your mouth long after you’ve eaten can threaten your oral health. But fortunately, not all sticky foods are created equal!

Dairy products such as yogurt and milk are generally good for your teeth, but cheese is especially beneficial because it sticks around for awhile after you’ve snacked on it. The calcium in cheese promotes healthy bone and enamel growth.

Water: Skip The Bottle And Turn On The Tap 

Staying hydrated with good, old-fashioned water is essential to good health. This is never more true during the hot, humid Plainfield summers! Even inactive people are being depleted of necessary water just by stepping outside for a few minutes.

So naturally, drinking plenty of water is necessary for your health. But there’s a reason to add some nostalgia to those childhood days when you used to run and play, splashing your friends with the ice cold water from the garden hose in the backyard.

Tap water can be more beneficial to your teeth than bottled water if it contains fluoride, which your town likely adds to its water supply.

Sugar-Free Gum

As we mentioned at the start of today’s blog, you’re probably no stranger to the facts about candy and how it can contribute to tooth decay and cavities. But did you know there’s something you can find in the candy aisle that can actually help your teeth?

Sugarless chewing gum contains an ingredient called xylitol. This is an artificial sweetener that inhibits acid creation caused by plaque bacteria. Chewing it also encourages more saliva production, which as you now know, helps protect your tooth enamel.

Isn’t it nice to know that a breath-freshening treat like sugarless gum can lead to a healthier mouth?

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