Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away, and you have a very special evening planned for you and your date.

You’ve made dinner reservations, ordered the flowers, and even had your car detailed.

But if you have dry mouth and all the symptoms that come with it, none of that will matter!

To keep your smile healthy and your lips irresistible for your Valentine, get help at Rod Eccles, DDS with our dry mouth treatment!

There’s still time to schedule your appointment! You don’t want dry mouth to spoil your date, but you also don’t want it to lead to other, more serious, problems with your oral health like tooth decay and gum disease.

Once you’ve been treated for dry mouth in our Plainfield, IN dental office, you can keep it away on your Valentine’s Day rendezvous by following our tips that will help keep your mouth moist, your breath fresh, and your lips kissably soft!

Easy Smile Savers For Valentine’s Day

Along with dry mouth treatment in our Plainfield, IN dental office, you can also combat this mood-killing problem by keeping these handy Valentine’s Day smile tips in mind!

Keep Your Breath Fresh!

This is a no-brainer! Keeping your breath fresh is always important, but especially on a romantic holiday.

The problem, though, is that many people treat all breath fresheners alike.

Sugary mints and chewing gum can often make dry mouth and bad breath worse because sugar is a favorite food of bad bacteria in your mouth.

Carry some sugar-free breath mints and chewing gum with you while you’re strolling around with your Valentine. The artificial sweeteners in those products work for you by preventing the growth of bacteria inside your mouth.

Also make sure you swish some minty fresh mouthwash around in your mouth after you brush and floss.

Keep Your Lips Kissably Soft!

This time of year, the weather can be bitter cold and very dry. If you add dry mouth to that equation, you’re more likely to have cracked, sore lips.

Avoid that Valentine’s Day kiss killer! Keep some lip balm handy and reapply as needed. You could even choose a flavored chapstick to make your lips irresistibly soft!

Drink Lots Of Water!

You need to stay properly hydrated, no matter the day of the year. It’s for your body, but it’s also for your mouth.

Saliva is your natural fighter against acid erosion that attacks your tooth enamel. Those acids eat away at your teeth, leaving behind tiny openings for harmful bacteria.

Lack of saliva also causes dry mouth, and consequently, bad breath.

So make sure you’re drinking plenty of water every day of the year!

Skip Smelly Foods!

Maybe it’s a good idea, just this once, to skip the Italian restaurant you love so much and choose another dining option for you and your Valentine.

That’s because some delightfully flavor-rich ingredients most popular in this type of cuisine can give you bad breath, such as onions, garlic, heavily-seasoned meats, and odorous cheeses.

These can leave behind the kind of breath that gum and mints simply can’t cover up!

Keep The Dental Floss Handy!

One of the contributors of bad breath, along with dry mouth, is the residue left behind after a meal.

So this Valentine’s Day, make sure you keep a couple of plastic dental flossers in the car or your pocket. That way you can quickly clear away food particles that get stuck between your teeth after dinner for fresher breath that evening!

Make An Appointment

You’ve reached the end of your lovely Valentine’s Day date with your special someone, and it’s time to kiss goodnight.

But your mouth feels dry and sticky, and your breath is less than fresh.

So you extend your hand, give your date’s hand a quick shake, and you race into the house and slam the door behind you.

Not exactly what you had in mind for a romantic evening with someone you care about, right?

You can keep that from happening by getting treated for dry mouth at Rod Eccles, DDS!

Dr. Eccles can determine the cause of your dry mouth and find the right solution for you. That way, you can face your special date with kissable lips and an irresistibly confident smile this Valentine’s Day!

Call our Plainfield, IN dental office today at 317-682-0884 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment for dry mouth treatment.