November isn’t just turkey month; it’s also American Diabetes Month. This gives our team here at Rod Eccles, DDS the chance to raise awareness for diabetes. Specifically, the connection between oral health and diabetes.

You see, dental health can affect systemic diseases like diabetes, and vice versa, as this ADA video discusses. This relationship is described by dentists as the oral-systemic connection. Researchers have noticed a connection between gum disease and diabetes in particular, perhaps because both are inflammatory conditions, and perhaps because diabetics have a harder time fighting infection. One of these conditions may be an indicator of the other.

Dr. Eccles and his team know even the earliest signs of gum disease. For many cases of periodontal disease, especially moderate and severe cases, we’ll refer you next door to our partner periodontist. Together, we will work to reduce the inflammation and infection in your gums to ensure your oral health gets back on track.

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