Replace Missing Teeth According To Your Needs [BLOG]

Everyone’s needs are different. You wouldn’t buy all your clothes and shoes from a one-size-fits-all store, for example. You need to wear what fits you best, makes you look great, and helps you feel comfortable and confident about your appearance. Why would choosing replacement teeth be any different? You deserve options so you know you’re ...

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4 Ways Your Dentist Can Improve Your Health This Year! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Happy New Year, from your friends at Rod Eccles, DDS! Are you ready to live a healthier life in 2019? Believe it or not, your Plainfield, IN dentist can help you! Check out today’s infographic that offers four different ways you can improve your health by visiting the dentist, and then be sure to make an appointment with us! Call Rod Eccles, ...

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3 Gifts Of Modern Restorative Dentistry [BLOG]

What better time than the holidays to get your teeth back in proper working order and your smile looking as healthy and beautiful as it once did? To enjoy this season to the fullest, you want to be able to eat comfortably and smile confidently. So our team at Rod Eccles, DDS in Plainfield, IN wants to encourage you to get restorative dentistry, not ...

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Is Sleep Apnea Stealing Your Silent Nights? [QUIZ]

If loud snoring and other chronic symptoms are stealing your silent, restful nights this holiday season, our team at Rod Eccles, DDS may have the perfect gift for you! We offer sleep apnea solutions in our Plainfield, IN dental office so you and your family can have some peace! It starts by evaluating your nightly patterns and daily symptoms, so take ...

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A Thanksgiving Blessing For The TMJ Curse! [BLOG]

Whether you’re about to head out for a long Thanksgiving weekend visiting distant relatives, or you’re getting the house ready for out-of-town guests of your own, chances are you’re pretty busy this time of year. Aren’t we all? But how are you supposed to get through it, much less enjoy yourself, if you’re suffering from constant headaches, ...

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Are Your Teeth Strong Enough For Thanksgiving? [QUIZ]

You are just a few weeks away from Thanksgiving, the most splendid sensory experience of the year for the foodie in all of us! Are your teeth strong and healthy enough to help you enjoy it to the fullest? Take today’s quiz to see if you should visit Rod Eccles, DDS for a durable, natural-looking dental crown. Our crowns can reinforce a weak or ...

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Take The Fear Out Of Your Child’s Dental Visits! [INFOGRAPHIC]

With Halloween fast approaching, parents and kids are gearing up for a family night of fright, costumes, and trick-or-treating. It’s all in fun, of course, but what about times when the fright is very real? Like when your child has to go to the dentist for a checkup? You can take the fear out of your child’s dental visits with help from our ...

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Stop The Scary Cycle Of Sleep Apnea [BLOG]

Are your nights filled with terror this time of year? Do the creeks and croaks echoing throughout the house keep you awake and trembling with fear? Are the terrifying scenes from last night’s scary movie or haunted house playing over and over again in your mind? Or is there something far more sinister haunting your October nights? If you’re ...

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Why You Should Fall For Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry [BLOG]

Now that we’re just about to welcome a new fall season, don’t you think it’s time you start feeling better about your smile? It’s as good a time as any, considering the onslaught of invitations you’ll soon be receiving, from weddings to football parties, and even to the (gasp) upcoming holiday season! That’s why our team at Rod Eccles, DDS ...

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Is It Your Time For Cosmetic Dentistry? [QUIZ]

Now that we’re only a couple of weeks away from fall, it’s time to think about how to prepare your smile for a busy social season. With cosmetic dentistry at Rod Eccles, DDS, like teeth whitening, tooth contouring or bonding, and even dental veneers, you can hop from one special event to another with a gorgeous, confident smile! Is now your time ...

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