3 Excuses To Whiten Your Teeth This Summer! [BLOG]

At Rod Eccles, DDS in Plainfield, IN, you can easily, safely, and affordably love the way you look! That’s because of our widely-regarded teeth whitening treatments, ZOOM! Day White and Opalescence GO. Choose the one that works for you and enjoy a summer filled with confidence thanks to your bright, head-turning smile! 3 Excuses To Whiten Your ...

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Celebrate Freedom From TMJ Disorder! [INFOGRAPHIC]

July is the month when we celebrate freedom and independence! In that spirit, our team at Rod Eccles, DDS wants you to finally break free from the debilitating, painful symptoms of TMJ disorder. You can find effective TMD and teeth grinding solutions in our Plainfield, IN dental office this summer so you can enjoy this season of ...

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Avoid The Dangers Of Dry Mouth This Summer [BLOG]

It gets pretty hot and humid during Indiana summers! That’s why our team at Rod Eccles, DDS wants you to know how to protect your smile this season. Today, we’re telling you how to avoid the dangers of dry mouth so your teeth and gums stay healthy. You can also come to our Plainfield, IN dental office for dry mouth treatment to keep the saliva ...

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Kid-Friendly Family Dentistry In Plainfield, IN! [BLOG COLLECTION]

Greetings, from your kid-friendly family dentist in Plainfield, IN! At Rod Eccles, DDS, we pride ourselves on establishing personal relationships with our patients. That includes the little ones in your household. We know how important it is that kids grow up with a healthy perception of the dentist. In fact, of the millions who suffer from adult ...

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2 Ways Your Sleep Apnea Could Get Worse This Summer [BLOG]

Have you been struggling to enjoy the warm weather this month because you’re feeling more tired and sluggish than usual? As the summer officially begins, you’ll want to feel rested and refreshed so you can enjoy time with your family and stay productive at work. That’s why it’s important to explore the reason for your fatigue at Rod Eccles, ...

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Are You Ready To Handle A Dental Emergency? [QUIZ]

Imagine you’re enjoying your child’s little league game one sunny afternoon. Everything is going smoothly until another player slides into second base and elbows your child in the mouth. His tooth is knocked loose or falls out. Are you ready to handle a dental emergency like this? Take today’s short quiz to find out! Then make sure to ...

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CEREC Is Here, And YOU Are The One Who Benefits! [BLOG]

Our team at Rod Eccles, DDS has been serving the families of Plainfield, IN since 1986. We’re proud of that! We’ve worked hard to earn our patients’ trust because we know that going to the dentist isn’t the easiest thing to do for a lot of people. It’s also important to feel comfortable with your dentist and their staff knowing the oral ...

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Add Cosmetic Dentistry To Your Summer Wedding Plans [BLOG]

If you’re planning a summer wedding, there’s something our team at Rod Eccles, DDS wants to remind you to add to your checklist of preparations for the big day. Begin your journey toward a picture-perfect smile in time for your summer wedding with cosmetic dentistry in our Plainfield, IN dental office. You Deserve To Look Amazing For Your ...

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Should You Get A Home Sleep Test? [QUIZ]

Maybe you’re just suffering from the winter blues. Maybe you just need to go to bed earlier. Or maybe you have sleep apnea. At Rod Eccles, DDS, you can find out for sure with a home sleep test. Dr. Eccles is a highly-trained dentist who can help you get to the bottom of your fatigue and offer lasting solutions for sleep apnea. Answer of few ...

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How To Love Your Gums [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since it’s Gum Disease Awareness Month, our team at Rod Eccles, DDS wants to give you the tools to properly care for your gums and keep your smile healthy. In our Plainfield, IN dental office, we have the technology and the skilled professionals to catch gum disease early and treat it efficiently and comfortably. But there are ways you can show ...

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