Holidays just aren’t the same without a full set of strong, healthy teeth.

But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a lifetime of highly restricted eating or anxiety about your smile’s appearance.

Enjoy The Holidays With A Strong, Healthy Smile!

As Thanksgiving and the holiday season approach, your friends at Rod Eccles, DDS in Plainfield, IN want to make sure you know how to have secure, natural-looking replacement teeth. That’s why today, we’re talking about the benefits of dental implants and the ways we can use them to give you a strong bite and fantastic smile!

Dental Crowns & Bridges Are Restorative Gifts!

What a gift dental restorations like crowns and bridges are in the world of dentistry!

Along with the many other roles they play in keeping patients healthy, dental crowns and bridges are used to fill the empty spaces in your smile.

One crown bonded to two hollowed-out crowns on either side is called a dental bridge, which can replace one tooth or multiple teeth, depending on your needs.

You can even opt to anchor a crown or bridge to dental implants for a stronger bite and more natural oral function for a lifetime.

That’s a lot of holiday dinners to enjoy!

Secure, Properly-Fitting Dentures Are A Blessing!

Oftentimes, removable dentures seem like a less attractive option because adhesives are the only way to secure them to your gums, which can make them unreliable.

During a holiday like Thanksgiving, you don’t want the stress of having to restrict what you put on your plate or of worrying about your dentures slipping around while you’re at the dinner table!

But we can create custom dentures that fit properly and comfortably. Not just that, but we work with a local lab so you can get your dentures back faster, sometimes the same day, and won’t have to spend weeks without teeth!

Dental Implants Mean You Can Enjoy Holiday Dinner!

Traditional dentures aren’t for everyone.

You may not like the idea of taking your teeth out each day to clean your dentures or to soak them overnight to give your gums a rest.

Or perhaps you don’t like the thought of having to return to the dentist every few years to have them readjusted or replaced.

Dental implants offer a stronger, more permanent solution for denture-wearers. We can attach an arch of replacement teeth to strategically-placed implants so that you have the freedom to eat all the foods you love and the peace of mind that your teeth will stay put.

Dental implants can also be used in conjunction with a single crown or a dental bridge, depending on how many teeth you need to replace. They will perform the job of a real tooth root because they fuse naturally to your jawbone over time, which is why implants are the strongest, most lasting replacement solution.

Call Now For An Appointment!

Difficult or painful chewing is the last problem you want to face during the holidays. That’s why we want to encourage you to take control of your oral health and your quality of life by replacing missing teeth with the best option in modern dentistry!

Dental implants anchor replacement teeth down firmly for superior bite strength, jawbone regeneration, and better long-term health.

To schedule a dental implant consultation at Rod Eccles, DDS, call us today at 317-682-0884 or fill out our convenient online form for an appointment in Plainfield, IN.