In order to embrace all the sensory pleasures of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, your teeth need to be in good working order. That’s why it’s important to get the restorative dentistry you need before you start thawing that turkey!

Rod Eccles, DDS wants to make sure your teeth can withstand the pressure of the delicious foods on your Thanksgiving plate. Restorative dentistry in our Plainfield, IN dental office can do just that.

Today, we’re talking about the kinds of problems that might be facing your teeth right now and why you should consider restoring your smile in time for Thanksgiving.

Reasons Your Smile Might Need Some Work

Aren’t you grateful for teeth that are made to work for a lifetime? We all are, but that doesn’t mean they’re invincible. You can hurt your teeth over the years in all sorts of ways.

Injuring a tooth because of an accident or while eating can lead to damage like chips, breaks, or cracks. You might wear your teeth down slowly over time or suffer from decay, disease, or tooth loss.

All this damage can then lead to other problems. Here are a few:

-An incomplete smile

-A weak bite

-An unsightly or embarrassing smile

-A toothache

-Pain or discomfort while eating

In order to avoid these dental problems and their residual effects, you need restorative dentistry at Rod Eccles, DDS. Our team has the experience and the technology to repair damage and restore your smile. Restorative treatment might include:

-Dental Fillings

-Crowns and Bridges


-Dental Implants


You might need one of these restorative treatments, or perhaps a combination of several in order to get the function of your teeth back.

Now, we’d like to point out some of the reasons you will want to fix your teeth before Thanksgiving gets here.

Why Fix Your Smile For Thanksgiving?

There are many reasons to repair damaged teeth before this specific holiday. Here are some of the more common benefits of restorative dentistry this time of year!

Give Your Teeth Their Strength Back

When you sit down to the Thanksgiving table, you don’t want to have to worry about which foods you can eat and which ones you should pass up. You want to be able to enjoy all the foods you love!

But you can’t bite down on a turkey leg or an ear of corn if you have missing teeth, slippery dentures, or a toothache. If you want to fill your plate with your favorite holiday fare without worry, stress, or pain, you’ll all of your teeth, and you need them to be strong and healthy.

Give Your Smile It’s Sparkle Back

No matter what holiday it is, it will inevitably bring many opportunities to show off those pearly whites for pictures. Whether you’re taking a lot of family photos at your grandparents’ house, or you’re at a holiday party with friends and new acquaintances, you want to be able to flash an attractive smile when someone pulls out their smartphone for some group selfies.

You know those pictures will be shared almost immediately on social media, so you’ll need any visible damage to be repaired so you can look back on those photos feeling good about how you look!

Get Your Confident Smile Back

Family pictures and group selfies aren’t the only thing you’ll need to prepare your smile for. You’ll also want to feel confident. It doesn’t matter if you’re only around family and close friends, or if you’re facing a holiday gathering where you know you’ll be meeting new people.

You’ll want to feel proud of your smile, regardless. Restorative dentistry will repair those flaws and give you the confidence you’ll need to fully enjoy yourself!

Schedule Your Restorative Dental Treatment Today

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